Apple delays iPadOS 16 launch until October

Apple plans to delay the launch iPadOS 16 Until October, which means that IPAD The program will not run side by side iOS 16 In September as usual, reports Bloomberg. Apple is developing a new multitasking feature for ‌iPad‌ called Stage Manager, with an option designed to offer a Mac-like multitasking experience. It is said … Read more

AI startup Cerebras celebrated the victory of chips as others tried and failed

A new display at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California recognizes Cerebras Systems’ “WSE-2” chip, a second-generation chip, as fulfilling a decades-old quest to make a single chip from an entire silicon wafer. Computer History Museum Technology is one of the most conservative practices in the world, meaning that every invention builds on … Read more

How I Installed Chrome OS Flex in 30 Minutes

It’s a very nice screen, but do you notice something missing? This is correct. There are no icons. This Windows 7 PC was functionally useless. Photo: Stephen Vaughan Nichols One of my favorite old computers is a Dell Inspiron One 2320. This All-In-One PC with 2.4GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core i5 Processor, 6GB RAM, NVIDIA … Read more

Why HBO Max Removed 6 Live Streaming Exclusives

Warner Bros. Discovery leader David Zaslav is not taking any prisoners, but he will take tax breaks. HBO Max has removed at least half a dozen custom-made Warner Bros movies for HBO MaxIndieWire confirmed – and more cuts to come. “Moonshot” starring Cole Sprouse and Zach Braff, “Superintelligence” starring Melissa McCarthy (and written by her … Read more

Stories of the evil teens who ruled New York in the late ’70s

It was 1977, and first generation From NYC punk Alternative bands moved to larger venues and circled international flights. The defeat of the militants was still a few years away from the shaft. However, the storied Manhattan music venues were lively and loud with underage enthusiastic patrons. They spent their days at Stuyvesant High School. … Read more

Speculation blazes about the future of HBO Max, layoffs planned in major broadcast change

Hollywood revolves around the earnings results of Warner Bros. Discovery’s upcoming and plans for a compact streaming service, which could flip the most popular streaming software. Zaslav and his clients have been quietly sending in big-name and talented showrunners, with HBO content chief Casey Bloys taking on a larger role as the two streaming platforms … Read more

Self-made millionaire shares favorite money books how to build wealth

Danny Baldus-Strauss credits some of his financial success to the books he read throughout his twenties. One of his top picks is “Atomic Habits,” which helped him build his personal brand on Twitter. He also likes “The Daily Stoic”, “The Psychology of Money” and “The War of Art”. Self-made millionaire Danny Baldus Strauss is credited … Read more

Art industry news: Entrepreneurs link boredom to AI monkeys to sell outrageous new monkey art + other stories

Art Industry News is a daily summary of the most important developments emerging from the art world and the art market. Here’s what you need to know on Wednesday, August 3. need to read Documentary presents a shocking price gap between the sexes in the art world BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a new radio … Read more