Art industry news: Entrepreneurs link boredom to AI monkeys to sell outrageous new monkey art + other stories

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Documentary presents a shocking price gap between the sexes in the art world BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a new radio documentary by writer Helen Gurrell that examines the gender pay gap in art. Among the findings are a 10:1 disparity in prices between pieces sold by men and women, and the fact that paintings signed with a male name sell for more while paintings signed with a female name sell for less. Call Art recalculation The radio show will be shown on August

More out of this world photos from space – The newly operated James Webb Space Telescope continues to impress. The most recent is a stunning composite image showing the so-called Cartwell Wheel Galaxy, a vast cosmic formation featuring two rings of stars connected by ‘speakers’. (betapixel)

New project uses artificial intelligence to boost bored monkeys With the slogan “Let Monke make a picture of you,” a team in Hartford, Connecticut, entered all 10,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs into an artificial intelligence art program, and created 10,000 NFTs “Artsy Monke”—archimboldo-style chaotic images of complex scenes of Viking ships, and the choppy landscapes of a neon city, and the fiercely stormy oceans “cluster together in the faces of disgruntled monkeys. Dan Hovey, a blockchain specialist for the project, says the ArtsyMonkey team “felt that there was a technical element missing from the standard NFT suites.” On OpenSea, Artsy Monke NFTs have sold out quickly, bringing in around $37,000 (22.6 Eth) in business so far. Not exactly Ape Bored Ape money — but the company promises Arty Monkeland metaverse holders, they’re all the same. What a world. (Queen Telegraph)

Mary Obering dies at the age of 85 Beloved abstract painter Mary Obering has died at the age of 85 of natural causes. After operating for years in relative obscurity, Obering’s large-scale geometric abstractions have gained a following in recent years, having taken on new representation with the now-defunct Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery in Los Angeles in 2018 and Bortolami in New York the following year. (ARTnews)

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Monica Sprouth wins the Art Cologne Prize – Art Cologne distributor Monika Sprouth, who founded her gallery in southern Cologne in 1983, awarded her annual €10,000 prize for excellence. It will be awarded on November 17 in a ceremony at the historic Cologne City Hall. (FAZ)

Philips organizes a temporary exhibition in Seoul – Phillips is collaborating with the Artist Room for a pop-up exhibition at Lee Eugean Gallery in Seoul’s Gangnam District on August 21 through September 6. Seoul’s first home initiative, “New Romantics,” will showcase the sale of works by up-and-coming mid-career artists, including Hernan Bass and Anya Hobson who are rekindling the spirit of romance. The business will be sold in Hong Kong from 19 September. (press release)

David Kordansky is also organizing a temporary exhibition in Seoul – David Kordansky will hold a pop-up exhibition in Seoul from August 18 to September 5 to coincide with the Frieze Seoul and Kiaf exhibition. It will be at 157, Itaewon-ro 55-gil in Yongsan-gu district and aims to introduce Korean and Asian audiences to the exhibition program with artists from John Armleder to Shara Hughes. (press release)

Executive Director of Marfa Hall of Names – The Texas-based Marfa Art Center has appointed art curator Daisy Nam as its new executive director, a role she will play after having worked as curator there since 2020. While Nam organized artist Donna Huanca’s solo show titled Espego Quemada Together with DJ Sara Melendez, they launched the artist residency program “Ballroom Session – The Farther Place” during the pandemic. Nam was associate director at Harvard University’s Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts from 2015-2019 and co-editor of the publication Better! Letters from Asian Americans in the Arts (2021) with paper pitching. (press release)

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Olafur Eliasson Creates Coloful Pavilion for Cali Winery – The Icelandic-Danish artist worked with architect Sebastian Beemann on the Koloful Coldoscope Pavilion that will be used to host wine tastings at the Donum Estate, a California winery in Sonoma owned by collectors Mei and Allan Warburg. Watch it here. (tan)

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