NBA Knicks tamper with tampering investigation: Jalen Bronson’s signature creates blurred lines

The NBA investigation tampering inside the New York Knicks It gets complicated quickly. There are blurred lines between Galen and Rick Bronson, the latter who appointed the Knicks as assistant coach in June. Certainly, a father should be allowed to talk to his son about career advice. There are blurred lines between Knicks boss Leon … Read more

Little League Volunteer Stadium: Opportunity Square

It’s been nearly 65 years since the first pitch was thrown at Howard J. Lamad Stadium, christening what is now the “Field of Dreams” for countless Little Leaguers®, but upon the call for “Playing football!” First heard on the field at Volunteer Stadium in 2001, the Little League program began the following century. During the … Read more

Travis Yost: Estimated Right Wing Depth for Every NHL Team

On Monday, we ranked every NHL team left wing depth. Today, we’re taking another round of our talent categories, this time with a focus on the right wing position. Since this is a multi-part series – and I’ve already been notified by our trusted editorial team that we’ll be updating mid-year, which is great news … Read more

Wyndham Championship | 2022 PGA TOUR Golf Betting Card

Denny McCarthy’s week is about to kick off, as we’re just hours away from the final PGA TOUR event of the 2022 regular season, the Wyndham Championship at Sedgefield Country Club. Few other events have produced a more linear trend of winning player profiles. So it’s the week to collect the Wyndham Championship bets with … Read more

Women’s Fantasy Basketball – Sylvia Fowles adds to the legacy

1:20 p.m. ET Eric MoodyESPN Who’s trending in women’s fantasy basketball? What courses are changing? What are the latest notable injuries around the WNBA? Here’s a league look at the most fictional news and notes for all 12 teams. Atlanta Dream The Dream has suffered four losses in a row and is now sitting behind … Read more

Cinema can realize McCain’s climate legacy

The Senate is on the cusp of passing legislation that would ramp up America’s clean energy production, cut costs for families, and help the United States cut climate pollution. If we ever want to break the big energy companies’ grip on our wallets and our economy, we need clean energy incentives like those included in … Read more

A remote surgical robot can join astronauts on future Mars missions

No matter how mentally and physically prepared they are, future astronauts heading into deep space cannot escape their deadly restrictions. At some point during their long, isolated journeys, these pioneers may need medical attention. But this is difficult. In space, there are no hospitals. Enter MIRA. Scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln said Tuesday that … Read more

AI is discovering its own ‘basic’ physics and scientists are baffled

Photo: MR.Cole_Photographer via Getty Images The abstract breaks down mind-boggling scientific research, future technologies, new discoveries, and major breakthroughs. Physics is one of the more rigorous—and rigorous—disciplines of science, full of long equations and complex measurements to make. Just The right to reveal their secrets. However, before the simplest equation could be put together, scientists … Read more