Season 4 What We Do in the Shadows offers some of TV’s best fights

When you think of a great job on TV, it would be understandable that your mind would first drift into martial arts plays like warrior And the Cobra Kaior a crime thriller like Wasel. What do we do in the shade? It has a counterpoint: Harvey Guillén’s Guillermo de la Cruz.

What do we do in the shade? It continues to deliver exhilarating fight sequences to everyone’s favorite familiar, the last of which was a major part of the fourth episode of Season 4, titled “Night Market”.

In the episode, the gang visits a secret supernatural market to aid Nadja’s efforts to breach the guild at the new vampire nightclub. However, Nandor (Kayvan Novak) and Guillermo end up in a Night Market fight club that pits friends against each other. Naturally, Nandor Guillermo volunteers to fight, and, of course, Guillermo easily sends other family members (but without hurting them, to the unbridled discontent of the public). The Horde decides to raise the stakes by having Guillermo fight a vampire, which eventually leads to a confrontation between Guillermo and his beloved master Nandor.

The scene takes place on multiple vertical levels, starting with a parking lot surrounded by hundreds of spectators before moving to an elevated lane to fight in close quarters. Guillermo strips his robe like an old Western swordsman, shows extensive weapons work (using a stick and sword with a lid that trash can cover), and even performs a rear suction from a truck. It’s also a great display of Guillén’s ability to execute intricate combat choreography (he does nearly all of his own work in sequence) and his engaging screen presence, motivating the audience (and Nandor) as he puts on a show.

Guillén said the sequence took four days to film at a factory in Toronto, and credited stunt coordinator Tig Fong for the end result.

“It was one of my favorite episodes,” Guillen told Polygon. “It was cool doing another stunt scene with Kayvan. The sword fighting was really cool.”

It wasn’t just a sword fight – Guillén also used a two-handed stick in the sequence. This was one of the most exciting parts of Guillén, and Guillermo’s work has been compared to that of other pop culture figures.

“[Guillermo] He acquired a new skill in London when he was away, and some people really know how to whip up a stick,” he says. “It’s like maneuvering an X-Men or Jedi with a lightsaber. It was really fun doing that.”

One of the biggest stunts in the Night Market sequence was Guillermo’s return from a truck. While Guillén wanted to perform the stunt himself, time concerns meant running his amazing double Josh Maloney (which Guillén called “amazing” and “awesome, great performance”).

“It was the only thing I really wanted to do,” he says. “I was like, no! Put me down, coach!

Such a thing Guillin hadn’t heard of: He’s a very capable and motorized screen fighter, as featured in previous fight sequences on the show.

“I’m really excited about all these scenes, because it’s like making a play,” he says. “You learn the choreography and you learn the steps and you have to be on the right move, because if you’re on the wrong account, you can hit each other and hurt each other really badly.”

And as he told Polygon, it was important for him to perform these sequences himself.

“If I can do it, I want to do it myself,” says Guillen. “Because then it feels real and coherent and linear to the scene. Nothing feels worse than watching other shows and the stunt multiply like, This is not the same body type or a different wig and you are like, It’s not themAnd we’re trying to keep it… It’s a documentary! We want to make it as real as possible.”

Novak also walked off the scene, calling it a “new, fresh challenge” that was “very cool”. He had great praise for Guillén’s skill and his work on the scene.

“Working with Harvey again on that was great,” Novak tells Polygon. “It was kind of intimidating to me because Harvey, you can teach him the choreography and the steps and the dance and the movement, and he just picks it up that way right away.”

Guillén said the swords used in the Battle of the Night Market were real and custom-made, and while they weren’t sharp enough to kill anyone, they were still a bit dangerous, as the actors discovered when Novak got a little excited at their scene.

“One of the things, man, I was getting, like, ” Novak told Polygon. “Harvey picks up a litter box as a shield and I fool him with it. Then you know, it’s like, ‘Cut!’ and you look and there are holes in the damn shield, man. I pierced the shield.”

Fortunately, Novak’s sword missed Guillén, and no one was harmed in the accident.

“Go for the show. Chatter your point of view is bad, someone will get [hurt]Novak said with a heavy laugh.

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